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Portland, Maine Portrait Photography Studio

The Process

Your vision is important and we make it our priority. Your time is also valuable, and we understand that. This process is a way make sure all points have been covered and we get the most out of your session. Without leaving you hanging or with what to do next. Spending a little time at each point along the way can save a lot of time down the road if not done properly.

Develop a Plan

Sitting down for a planning meeting is crucial for getting the most out of our time together. We can sit down over coffee, tea, or other beverages if you choose, and listen to what you need. Some things that are discussed are: styling, wardrobe, use of images, location, your customers or clients, mood of images, and business philosophy. All of these paint a picture of you and your art or brand. As everyone's needs are different, having a specific plan developed for you from the start makes the process easier and you will get the images you need.


This is where the magic happens. No really, it can be a magical experience. With guidance from the team, we review the plan we developed and then get to work. Working on location as well as indoors to create a studio style set to create the images you are looking for.


The selected, and edited, images are then revealed to you in person. So no awkward facial expressions or poses. Just images that represent you, your art or brand in the best light possible. We discuss any specific needs for printing or use of images with the ability to only purchase the images you can't live without. All products are sold a la carte as we feel product packages hardly fit every client's needs.

More in depth information about each stage of the process.

Making it easy for you to get the images you need to move your art, your business, and your life forward.

Ready to Book?

From images of you, your family, or capturing the vision of your art and brand; we are here to work with you on that vision and provide an incredible experience. Clients come to us with a range of ideas and needs, from specifically defined uses for images to giving us full creative reign. We are happy to work with you to blend your vision and ours into images you are proud of.

Take a deeper dive into each stage of the process:

The Consultation      |      The Photo Shoot      |      The Reveal


Other services may include:

  • On location outside or an indoor studio set
  • Wardrobe and session design consultation
  • Portraits for all artists, their art, and their families
  • Professional business/artist portraits for an about me page or marketing materials
  • Custom stock images for filler images on website or marketing materials
  • Artist Profile Video of images, video clips, audio interview
  • Design consult so that images match your vision.
  • Professional printed products for keepsakes or for promotional materials.

And many more.

When was the last time you had professional portraits made of you, either as part of your family legacy or for your business? The experience is worth it.


The Ultimate Question… How much?

Every client's needs are different. We work with them to develop a custom experience and session so images fit with both our client's vision, as well as our vision for them. A custom quote will be sent to each client based on their needs and images and products are sold a la carte after the session so you only purchase what you need.

Standard session fee starts at $290

(All products and services subject to 5.5% Maine state sales tax)

Ready to create captivating images of your inner artist?

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