Who are we?

Portland, Maine Portrait Photography Studio

Our Story

Many years ago the seed of creativity and art was planted. At a young age, Owner and Photographer Will Wohler was introduced to the possibilities that art can be. Instilled in him by his Aunt, a graphic designer, and owner of her own business; Wohler & Company. From drawing to painting to creating spoof business cards, there was always a project in the works. Every visit was inspiring and showed the limitless amount of creativity we all have. This company has been established to honor her creativity and passion and to continue reaching others through art.

What We Believe in

Our philosophy here at Wohler & Co. stems form the belief that everyone is an artist of their passions. How we creatively find ways to pursue those things that make us come alive, that fill our soul. It may be one thing or many things, but we all have that deep down inside us. For many, it’s just waiting to be released into the world.

As Artists, Creatives, Makers, Movers, and Doers know it can be a daunting task to do everything. Often times only putting our work out there into the world. We are here to provide professional photographic services to help propel you forward with confidence and show the world the person behind the art. Whether it is portraits for business purposes or to print and share with only your closest friends and family. We want to create a portrait of you that shows your true self and you can be proud of. It starts with getting to know your art.

We follow a fairly strict process so that no stone is left unturned and allows you to be yourself without worry. A profile is created for each client from the initial consultation all the way to the Image Reveal so that we can understand you and your needs. These portraits are our little twist on traditional portraits with a little fashion inspired influences with a classic look.

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Meet our Team

Will Wohler: Owner & Photographer

I moved to Maine back in 2002 for college and never looked back. My degree in Music Education brought me to the public schools to teach for a couple years. I maintain my connection with music through performing in the Casco Bay Wind Symphony percussion section. So basically, I hit things with sticks… in a tuxedo.

Speaking of sticks, in my free time, my camera and I hike the trails of Maine, all year round, because I see the beauty in every season, even frigid winters. From the Ultimate Frisbee field to camping, or just a run or bike around town, it is my happy place being outdoors. Though I quickly turn to a lobster in even the slightest amount of sun. Must be the red hair. We all have serious, grownup-pants-wearing moments, but I try to hold on to the humor and optimism of my eight-year-old self. Complete with laughing fits that last for more than ten minutes at a time. You know, the laughing-so-hard-no-sound-is-coming-out. And it does take much to get me going. At least, I like to have a good time.

The Experience

A 3 step process that ensures you have nothing to worry about and you can be YOU.

Your art is as unique as you. See how we can help you stand out.

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